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OmniFix Three-jaw ring chuck aluminum Ø70 mm

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3-jaw aluminium ring chuck
Flat design
Optimal accessibility
With adapter plate for ZEISS grid plates and pallets
Optimum flexibility through the use of interchangeable jaws

Three-jaw ring chucks are mainly used for clamping cylindrical or ring-shaped parts at low clamping forces. In contrast to chucks for the machining of workpieces, the clamping force must be significantly lower in metrology, otherwise there is a risk of deformation of the components. By clamping by hand with the clamping ring, the components can be clamped with exactly the required clamping force. With interchangeable jaws, you can easily adapt the ring chuck to your requirements. Special jaws manufactured in-house can also be adapted. The versions with base plate allow easy mounting on all ZEISS grid plates and pallets with M4/M6 threaded grid.

Product information:
Body made of high-strength aluminium, corrosion protected, brass colored
Outer diameter Ø70 mm
Through hole Ø18 mm
Height base plate with body 40 mm 

Reversible steel top jaws hardened/ground
Concentricity accuracy 0.03 mm
Weight (including base plate) approx. 0.54 kg

Clamping range:
Internal clamping 17 – 60 mm
External clamping 1 – 64 mm

Adapter plate made of aluminium, anodized, black
Outer dimensions 112 x 112 mm
Mounting option with M4/M6 – 100 x 100 mm

Scope of delivery:
1 set = 3 hardened reversing jaws, stepped outwards and inwards
1 clamping key and, depending on the lathe chuck, corrosponding fastening screws or bolts

Product note:
To maintain the function and quality of the chuck, it must be serviced at regular intervals.
Chuck must be as free of fast and silicone as possible.

Find out more about ZEISS clamping devices here.

product type
3 Jaw Chuck

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