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As a metrologist or quality lab leader, you are responsible for ensuring precision without impacting productivity. Sometimes, the unexpected occurs, and you need to use all of your metrology skills and expertise: quickly and effectively.<br>With the online learning program from ZEISS, you have the freedom and flexibility to enrich your skills at your own pace, on your favorite device, now with more ways to save by bundling multiple courses. The new eLearning Package topics range from Metrology Basics to CALYPSO Software to the multisensor O-INSPECT CMM.
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eLearning Delivery Overview:

eLearning Delivery Overview:

The ZEISS Portal is a single source for your needs when it comes to supporting your software and systems. All ZEISS eLearnings are delivered via the ZEISS Academy Metrology section of the ZEISS portal. Register or login with your ZEISS ID to access training content and view the full catalog. Purchased courses are delivered directly to your account as Current Courses. Learn anytime, anywhere with our online Academy.
Packages Overview:

Packages Overview:

ZEISS eLearning packages provide the ability to enhance your metrology skills and expertise with flexible, online training while saving money by bundling multiple courses. Our packages cover everything from Metrology Basics to CALYPSO Software training to technology-specific content for multi-sensor systems like O-INSPECT and optical sensors like LineScan and DotScan. Select the package that fits your needs and start growing your expertise today.