Stylus Systems

The stylus system plays a central role in contact measuring technology. It is the first point of contact to your workpiece. From the diamond stylus to the angle setting device - the stylus system accessories from ZEISS have been developed to meet the special requirements of your measuring jobs. Use only certified original accessories for your ZEISS measuring machine.

  • Styli
    ZEISS styli - high-tech components for best performance
  • CMM Extensions
    CMM Extensions
    Extensions are used in metrology in the cases of complex stylus systems to bring styli closer to the workpiece
  • ZEISS Adapter Plates
    ZEISS Adapter Plates
    ZEISS adaptor plates of the highest quality are the connection to the probe sensor
  • Connection Elements
    Connection Elements
    ZEISS Connection Elements
  • Kits
    Kits including styli, extension and connection elements for mounting stylus systems.